Gina Mendez “Every canvas is a journey all its own“


Inspired by the Helen Frankenthaler statement that "Every canvas is a journey all its own," the gifted Panamanian artist Gina Mendez's vibrant abstract-figurative compositions are sophisticated visual vortexes of life. Navigating the viewer to an uncharted spectral realm, Ms. Mendez's gestural paintings follow an inner quest that allows personal artistic expression to search for freedom in the mysterious labyrinth of life. Transcending emotional boundaries in order to reach a universal language, her "Transformation" series is an amalgamation of deeply personal investigations into the inner soul. Gina Mendez states: "This series 'Transformation,' expresses the capacity of the human being to face all different life situations by overcoming them and being positively transformed,"

Capturing the metaphorical shapes and forces of our world, Gina Mendez's visceral personal visions act as indexical symbols which empower us on a voyage of self-realization. Commenting on her emotional odyssey, the cosmopolitan Panamanian artist muses: "It drives the human being to bow down his thoughts, and instead of taking a fatalist attitude, he confronts the challenges with a good sense of humor." The sensorial realm of Gina Mendez transforms her inner journey of reflection to another-worldly spiritual dialogue. By balancing this ethereal aura, her masterful abstract-figurative oeuvre includes metaphors which mirror the volatile concepts of our ever-expanding contemporary universe. Recreating her memories into mesmerizing evocations of life, she employs aesthetic beauty to conjure the stratifications of remembrance and recollection to explain the journey of life.

Transposing visceral expressions into exuberant color values and textured forms, her highly personalized paintings reflect an electrifying intensity. An exceptional and enticing universe is revealed in this intrepid figurative-abstract art where fluid brio forms synthesize into symbolic and expressive color values. A master at color theory, her painterly brushstrokes synthesize and draw the viewer into the dimensional depths of the canvas, Saturated with pools of vibrant hues reverberating outwards towards the limits of the composition, her urbane, kaleidoscopic works visually mimic the organic energy of pulsating forms. With elan, undulating lines create dynamic movement echoing the rambunctious vibrations of life itself. The psychological impact of exhilarated color is an integral concept for the spiritual contemplation of her paintings, thus allowing an invisible mystical feeling to emanate from within.

Transcending everyday reality, this visionary artist's canvases conjure ebullient spectrums of human emotion.

Gina Mendez concludes: "Knowing that the most valuable thing that guides superior human beings is not their strength, but their profound feelings and values." her masterful art is a testament to her beliefs. Sophisticated in execution and stunning in effect, Gina Mendez's globally acclaimed artwork has catapulted her to national and international recognition to become one of Panama’s, and now North America's, most celebrated artists.